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Ease Examples

Hi. I was looking for a graphical view of the various easing options and I couldn't find one - so I created this.
All fairly straightforward - click on the term and the ball rolls four revolutions to the right, then back.
Give me a shout on hi@zigger.co.uk or visit my website if you have any comments.
Cheers Hywel

Ease In
Ease Out
Ease In Out
In Quad
In Cubic
In Quart
In Quint
In Sine
In Expo
In Circ
In Back
In Elastic
Out Quad
Out Cubic
Out Quart
Out Quint
Out Sine
Out Expo
Out Circ
Out Bounce
Out Back
Out Elastic
In Out Quad
In Out Cubic
In Out Quart
In Out Quint
In Out Sine
In Out Expo
In Out Circ
In Out Back
In Out Elastic
Bounce Past
Swing From To
Swing From
Swing To